1. Join Us

2. Make a reservation

3. Find and open a car

4. Leave the car everywhere

First of all, please sign up. Your data will be verified. After positive verification you can book the car, which opens by member card or by your smartphone.
You make a reservation of your selected car from the map with the initial payment. At the time of booking you pay the cost for time and estimated number of kilometers. If you don't have a plan, you also pay a deposit.
You go to the vehicle, which is parked exactly in the place shown on the map. To open the car, place your member card in the reader or use your smartphone (the virtual key you receive in e-mail).
You leave the car before the end of the reservation anywhere, within two zones or in another city, and we send you a bill based on time and miles traveled. If you paid deposit, is going back to you within 24 hours.

  • Free fuel available at all BP and Circle K stations in Wroclaw and Poland. You refill the car at our expense when you need it, because each car has a BP Routex fuel card.
  • Parking for free in all paid urban areas and the ability to return your car anywhere in the free center zone or in the area outside the center. You can leave your car even under your house.
  • Rent for hours and minutes, access to the car after registration within 15 minutes round the clock, seven days a week. You pay only for what you use, that is, for the time and kilometers traveled.
  • Each car in the car-sharing system removes 15 private cars. Car sharing helps reduce emissions because when people use car sharing, they end up driving faster and are better off planning their journey than when they use their car.


Type of car Model One hour
One day Cost of 1 km
City car Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta 9 89 0.9 (0.5 1)
Compact car Hyundai i30 12 119 1 (0.5 1)

Rates are gross. Rental period - 15 minutes (minimum 1 hour). Fuel is included in the rental price.

Deposit (payment by debit card or online bank transfer) 3
City car 250
Compact car
Electric car
Insurance - basic package Included
Insurance - extended package By category of car
City car 99 **
City, Compact car 149 **
City, Compact, Electric car 199 **
Additional fees
Registration Free
Return the car in the free center zone (area marked green lines on the map) Free
Return the car in outside center paid zone (area marked blue lines on the map) 25
Setting the car to the indicated address in the zone 19 - 50
Extension of reservation, if there is no reservation after Free
Making changes in your reservation or cancellation within an hour
Cancellation after an hour 25
Cancellation with setting the car to the indicated address, unless the car has not moved yet 25 + cost of setting the car
Return car with late
- up to 15 minutes
no additional fee
- over 15 minutes 20
Additional equipment
Child safety seat 0-9kg 20 *
Child safety seat ISOFIX 9kg-36kg 40 *
Booster seat 20 *
Snow chains 20 *
GPS Navigation Free
Roof rack - BOX 80 *
Portable fridge 30 *
Permission to go abroad 50 *
Contractual fines
Driving the car by unauthorized person 50
Not paying the ticket/fine The amount of fine + 50
Smoking 100
Losing keys 50
Lack of registration document, insurance, registration plate 100
Damage was caused by the fault of driver Up to the amount of the deposit
Lack of the fuel card/abuse the fuel card 150

1 The rate per kilometer by taking more than 100km in a single reservation. There is no daily mileage limit or additional fees.
2 The rate for one kilometer when doing more than 100km during one booking. Up to 100km the cost of one kilometer is 0zł. The rate starts counting after beating 100km.
3 We do not require a credit card to be pinned or we don't blocked any extra money on the card. Payment for the reservation + deposit is made via PayPal for card payment and by Dotpay for online payments - bank transfer.
* One-time fee regardless of time of booking
** One-time fee covers all reservations for cars in this category for one year

Do you have some more questions? Look at the FAQ where you check...

You can also count how much a particular car will cost... car sharing Sp. z o.o.

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Helpline is available seven days a week from 7:00-22:00. In case of emergency, 24 hours a day. Fee as local call (according to your operator's tariff). Helpline available in Polish and English.